Social Media Diet

At one point, I was on a Social Media binge. I defended it as part of my job (which probably wasn’t that far from the truth), but I was in social media sites that had absolutely nothing to do with my job. Foursquare, I would vie for mayorship of places- stores, restaurants, my gym, etc… […]

So… people actually read this blog

An interesting thing happened to me today on a conference call. I was in a weekly update call with one of my favorite clients at one of my favorite client companies on one of my favorite projects waiting for others to join to get it kicked off, and he mentioned that he read my blog […]

Running Myself Crazy

This has been an especially brutal winter. Polar Vortexes, and frigid winds that chill me to the bone have accomplished what no winter before has been able to do. It has forced me to run inside on the dreaded treadmill. That’s right- the dreadmill. How do some people do it? I haven’t run outside in […]

What I think of Rob Ford

This post will discuss the length of my opinion on municipal politics, and pretty much my opinion of it as well. It’s not centralized to Rob Ford. It’s all municipal politicians who deserve each other. Being a Torontonian, and having voted in the last municipal election where Rob Ford was on the ballot for mayor. […]


It looks like my site was hacked and got shut down for a bit. Fear not, looks like the worst may be behind us, and the blog will live on. However,I lost some of the content from previous blogs. -Mike

The Space Pen

There are three (3) project management take aways from a parable I once was given as a nascent project manager. During the early days of Soviet/U.S space race, NASA spent millions researching a pen that would function normally in zero-G. The Soviets opted for a simpler solution and sent up their cosmonauts with a pencil. […]

Integrating Best Practices

No one is a Project Management robot. Especially when you’re a battle hardened Project Manager, you have probably picked up a few bad habits. The Project Management Institute Methodology can be an intimidating beast. If you’re looking at upping your game by integrating PMI best practices into your own practice, there are baby steps you […]

Impure Thoughts

Project Management is an operational exercise and requires a very practical approach. When considering the adoption of a methodology into your practice you should never accept methodology in it’s pure form. It should be up a lump of play-do that you can form and kneed into a shape that benefits your practice, not hinders that. […]