Now SAFe Certified

I started a new job recently at a marketing data analytics and incentives company as a Technical Project Manager. In this role, I am designing and implementing new processes for cross-functional teams for solutioning, development, delivery, and release. Last weekend I attended a course on Leading Scaled Agile Frameworks for Enterprises (SAFe) and subsequently wrote […]

Reasons why your team has trouble adopting Agile

Moving a team to Agile can have benefits- if your organization has committed to moving their methodology to an Agile based (Scrum, Kanban, XP, FDD, Crystal, Lean) and things aren’t going smoothly there can be any number of reasons that account for this. Culture: Agile requires an organization that is flat, relies on accountability and […]

Scope Creep: The Agile Edition

I previously posted about Scope Creep outside the Agile Framework, so this post is dealing with how you deal with scope creep inside the agile framework. First, I should define what we’re considering scope creep for the purposes of this post which is building features, functions and stories outside the objective of the project defined […]

Scope Management

This blog post covers it as it occurs outside of agile development. Managing scope creep inside the Agile Framework will be a matter of a future blog post.     Scope Creep happens. It’s a reality. The PMI calls it “progressive elaboration” as it recognizes that the stakeholder developing the vision for the product (usually […]

Short Story for Halloween

Many of you know I have a dog I’m totally infatuated with- and we seem to be perfectly paired. Here’s something I don’t tell people about me and my dog. Something that I’ve never told anyone before. I live on the border of a huge ravine that goes for a few miles and connects to […]

2016 – Another update on my life

It’s been a year a half since my last update, and I wanted to catch everyone up. I’ve moved again- this time probably for good. Last year I bought a condo in midtown Toronto near St.Clair and Yonge. It’s a nice place- it’s a great neighborhood. After hustling for Telax for close to two years […]