Agile Formation

I’ve been looking at moving my team at Telax to an Agile Methodology. We are taking small steps an introducing it slowly. First step was getting the Product Manager to write User Stories instead of a PRD, which would enable a velocity in the generation of Product Requirements (which were a current stop gap). Next, […]

2015- Update on my life

Sorry for taking so long between blog posts. I’ve been distracted to say the least- but you didn’t come here to read the least. You want details. Juicy, gory, wonderful, awful, beautiful, grotesque details. Flawed humanity! Heroic humility and perhaps a story. Well you will find none of that here. Good day to you sir […]

Toronto’s Mayoral Race

Please note: This post has nothing to do with Project management. I will be writing a PM post soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to post a quick blog on Toronto Politics.     Things are really heating up now that we’re coming up to 2 and half months before the municipal elections. The […]

The Power of Mentors

Back in 2005 before I left to do my MBA, my father gave me some unsolicited advice. He suggested I go and find a mentor. Now- while I respected and loved my father, he was a smart guy, and a talented physician, but he wasn’t a business man and didn’t have great instincts in that […]

Big Things. Little Things. Things.

So, a little shift in my personal life. I’ve been so busy killing it with fun Project Management related stuff that I realized things have changed (as they always do) and for remotely interested parties, I’m happy to give an update. I stopped working at Hostopia in March. I’ve taken a contract at The Marketing […]

The Models of Resourcing for High Skill Environments

The relationship between resourcing and operation in high skill environments (i.e: Software, engineering, accountants, consultants, etc…) is a topic that keeps project managers up late at night. Different models of resourcing come inherent with levels of risk associated with them, as there’s a general inverse relationship between control and risk.  In fact, the relation of […]

Encouraging Creativity in your team

When you’re running a intellectual based production service (read: consultancy, software development, design, accountancy, etc…) the tug of war between getting it done quickly and finding a creative solution out can sometimes lead to fast, but shoddy solutions. When people are scrambling to meet a milestone, the grind can mean the inspired solutions just are […]