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2015- Update on my life

Sorry for taking so long between blog posts. I’ve been distracted to say the least- but you didn’t come here to read the least. You want details. Juicy, gory, wonderful, awful, beautiful, grotesque details. Flawed humanity! Heroic humility and perhaps a story.

Well you will find none of that here. Good day to you sir or madam!!!

Grumpy Cat













Just kidding.

I got a new job at a small company that provides cloud contact center solutions, and you know the way that sometimes you like a job at first then get to know the team better and stop liking it? Well… this was the opposite. The recruitment process was painfully long for a small company (over 3 months from the time of applying until I got my offer and started), and the CEO warned me that the company needed a PM and that I had work cut out for me, and he was impressed that as he told me the situation I got more and more excited instead of starting to panic and running screaming out the door or the 40th floor window.

So I started the job with a little apprehension… but soon found not only that I like the work and the tasks and opportunities and issues I get to solve, but also that I really liked my team, and as I got to know them better and got more comfortable with them and them with me, I began to really like them more and more.

So- work life was good. Check.

So, I’m usually doing 8-10 workouts a week. Running and climbing being my two primary passions, but I also joined a new gym that just opened up a few blocks from my condo. I recently hired a personal trainer to create a new program for me (I’ve been on the same strength program for 17 years), and he set me up with a program that I’m really enjoying and looking forward to hitting the gym to do. It’s also now cold out, so I’m dressing warm. I’m killing it in the gym and can tackle most 5.11a’s and some 11b’s and 11c’s. With my rigorous workouts, my muscles were always sore. It was a constant ache everywhere! I read an article on the internet (I know, I know- getting nutrition advice off the internet is a little like getting sex advice on the playground…) but I tried giving up refined sugar and my muscles are now feeling fantastic.

I still have a sweet tooth, so I indulge in a donut or frozen yogurt once in a while, but I feel great being sugar free.

So… final thing, I have been feeling kinda blah lately, so I took the plunge on something I’ve been looking into for a few years, and attended a Landmark Forum. It was positive, I felt transformed and I feel like the real me is back. Others noticed a difference and were impressed. I definitely am enjoying the results and if I had known it would be so successful, I would have done it ages ago.

I’ll try to not be such a blog stranger and post more soon. Maybe something PM related, yes?