Toronto’s Mayoral Race

Please note: This post has nothing to do with Project management. I will be writing a PM post soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to post a quick blog on Toronto Politics.



Things are really heating up now that we’re coming up to 2 and half months before the municipal elections. The much maligned Rob Ford (Deservedly maligned), or “RoFo” as the kids are wont refer to him is vying for re-election, but given his troubles since becoming mayor, which a short list includes allegedly cheating on his diet, smoking crack, speaking in Jamaican Patois, using homophobic slurs, using racist slurs, hurting everyone’s feelings by not attending the pride parade, getting smashed at a party and grabbing another Mayoral candidate’s butt, and not knowing who Margaret Atwood is. He currently is in second place.

Tied for second place is Olivia Chow who was a city counselor decades ago and became a federal politician. She gave up her federal seat to run for mayor. She doesn’t have a ton of new or different ideas, but she has experience.

David Socknaki is a previous budget chief for the city. He’s a great bean counter, but lacks vision and charisma.

Karen Stinz is the previous boss of the Public transportation company for the city (called the TTC). Her tenure there can only be classified as embarrassing and terrible. When considering her for mayor, everyone says “You don’t get a promotion if you screw up!”

Those two are tied for third with about 5%. I don’t recall if it’s 5% each or 5% total.

A contender of note is the candidate whose butt RoFo groped at the party- Sarah Thomson who seems to be on her own planet. She shows up at meetings and press conferences on a horse- yes a horse. No one is particularly impressed with her for any reason other than she’s nuts.

Finally- The guy who will probably be the next Mayor. John Tory. He’s an experienced but not entirely successful politician having lead an official opposition for a provincial party with 12 seats. (was it 12?!). He’s a highly highly successful business man though- has experience building consensus, and controlling budgets. He tends to talk without punctuation which can be annoying to listen to, but that didn’t stop him from become a talk radio show host for a number of years and getting the coveted 4-7 pm weekday spot. He has vision and a sense of humor. He’s smart, and has charisma somewhere. I swear!

End of the day- If either Olivia Chow or John Tory win, we’re in pretty good hands. If David Socknaki wins, we’re probably headed for a couple of issues, if Karen Stinz, Sarah Thomson win, we’re in trouble and if RoFo wins, I’ve lost all faith in the voting public of Toronto.