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Meyers Briggs Again- How a personality evolves

Back in Grad School I took the Meyer’s Brigg’s test. It was a fun little personality test with a bunch of questions that you would rate 1-7 on a Likert Scale and get your personality profile. You can take it here for yourself.

Back then I was an ENTJ- I just took it again and got these results.

estjSo, at some point over the last 10 years as a Project Manager I moved from Intuitive to pretty highly ranking Observant. It could have something to do with the fact that while Project Managers are planners and have the end goal in mind, I don’t have the luxury of operating based on possibilities. The facts are what need to dictate my projects and my plans.

I think also back beforeĀ grad school I was working more on the business development side which takes vision. I’ve now made a career out of implementing the vision of others (and loving every second of it).

So- I just found it interesting how my personality has evolved.

Oh- and I’ve also increased my Assertiveness a little and my extroversion a great deal – both of which are no surprise. I’ve written in the past about how there’s no shy project managers. I have been told that there are shy and introverted Project Managers and the website does include a number of profiles that are definitely PM compatible roles.

So- one question- Is my personality evolving because of the personality traits being nurtured in my job, or am I sticking with my job (and turning my job into a career) because of the personality traits I have that help me excel at it and enjoy it?