The Models of Resourcing for High Skill Environments

The relationship between resourcing and operation in high skill environments (i.e: Software, engineering, accountants, consultants, etc…) is a topic that keeps project managers up late at night. Different models of resourcing come inherent with levels of risk associated with them, as there’s a general inverse relationship between control and risk.  In fact, the relation of […]

Encouraging Creativity in your team

When you’re running a intellectual based production service (read: consultancy, software development, design, accountancy, etc…) the tug of war between getting it done quickly and finding a creative solution out can sometimes lead to fast, but shoddy solutions. When people are scrambling to meet a milestone, the grind can mean the inspired solutions just are […]

The Space Pen

There are three (3) project management take aways from a parable I once was given as a nascent project manager. During the early days of Soviet/U.S space race, NASA spent millions researching a pen that would function normally in zero-G. The Soviets opted for a simpler solution and sent up their cosmonauts with a pencil. […]