It looks like my site was hacked and got shut down for a bit. Fear not, looks like the worst may be behind us, and the blog will live on. However,I lost some of the content from previous blogs. -Mike

Integrating Best Practices

No one is a Project Management robot. Especially when you’re a battle hardened Project Manager, you have probably picked up a few bad habits. The Project Management Institute Methodology can be an intimidating beast. If you’re looking at upping your game by integrating PMI best practices into your own practice, there are baby steps you […]

Impure Thoughts

Project Management is an operational exercise and requires a very practical approach. When considering the adoption of a methodology into your practice you should never accept methodology in it’s pure form. It should be up a lump of play-do that you can form and kneed into a shape that benefits your practice, not hinders that. […]

The Question of the Shy Project Manager

Can a Project Manager actually be shy? To be sure, I should specify what I mean by shy- and delineate it from introverted. Where introverts may or may be shy, they get emotionally charged from being on their own- the source of their energy and relaxation is endogenous. Extroverts, by comparison get emotional energy and feel […]

Procurement for the Masses

Procurements as a specialty are sometimes a little out of the wheelhouse of most Project Managers. The majority of my knowledge of procurements comes from a seller perspective, and over time, has expanded significantly. It’s important for PM’s – even those of small businesses to realize the differences between the types of procurements and be […]

New PMP Exam Info

In a previous blog post, I discussed some of the known changes coming down the pipe to the PMP exam on July 31st. I then saw this ad on Craigslist. (if they have taken down the post, I made a screen capture of it here incase they delete the ad and have removed their contact information from the gif […]

Interactions between the Knowledge Groups

There are ten process groups in PMBOK v5 (nine were in PMBOK v4), and they are in order: Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resources Management, Communications Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management and Stakeholder Management, and the order matters because the 47 processes must be completed in order (to create […]

A PMP Evolved

As of 6 pm last night, the efforts of over a year and nearly $1000 has culminated in attaining PMP credentials. For those who don’t know, PMP is the standard certification for Project Managers. It’s done by the Project Management Institute which is the international governing body. The exam itself is pretty brutal. Once you get past […]

The Fallacy of the Reference Check

Checking references is common practice before giving a job offer to a candidate. It is usually used in conjunction with a fait accompli job offer. Often the hiring manager will provide an provisional offer contingent on reference checks. The question is why? Here’s a few reasons why reference checks are not worth anyone’s time. 1) They’re […]