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2016 – Another update on my life

It’s been a year a half since my last update, and I wanted to catch everyone up. I’ve moved again- this time probably for good. Last year I bought a condo in midtown Toronto near St.Clair and Yonge. It’s a nice place- it’s a great neighborhood.

After hustling for Telax for close to two years and getting some great experience transforming their organization and running projects, we parted ways very amicably.

I got a dog! A 5 (now 6) year old rescue from Niagara Dog Rescue. He’s a 90lb mutt who is probably half German Shepherd. He’s very intelligent, very well behaved and now because of hard work and help from obedience classes with Jon at Follow the Leader is exceptionally well trained.


Soon to come- more great posts on resourcing, Project Management, and general management. Maybe stuff that touches on Agile, who knows? Next thing I’m noodling about at the moment is resource forecasting.